• 3000 Euro still missing – how to donate

    After some donations (thanks!!) our total debit went down to 3000 Euro for the project.
    If you feel addressed by the project or its aims you are heartly welcome to help us out: firms or institutions that can imagine to act as sponsors for the Vamonos project, please contact me via Email. Contribution receipts can be issued by the patron Christian Blindmisson – private persons are welcome to support the project directly through the bank account:

    “Sebastian Burger – Vamonos Projekt 2009″
    (Banks name: Sparkasse Allgaeu)
    IBAN DE6473350000610887184
    Subject: Name/text that may be display under Supporter or “anonym”

    As we are only an initiative and not an association, we can´t issue contribution receipts! Who need that has to use:

    IBAN: DE62370205000004044401
    Bank für Sozialwirtschaft in Köln
    BLZ: 30720500

    1. Subject: „Radtour Burger“ (important!)
    2. Subject: Name/text that may be display under Supporter or “anonym”

    Or simply via PAYPAL

  • Bringing back the bikes

    After the last post there was one anonymous person donating money (thanks!) – that means my private bank account remained with the mentioned depths.  So I simply can´t study on in 2010 s I planned to.

    As thanks to different reasons there won´t be a re-transport of the whole gear by container ship travel it seems that I have to send it by sea freight. This procedure (without me handling my stuff) produces so much paperwork, that I have to pay 900 Dollars for three tandem bicycles plus bags. 200 KG. Ridiculous.

    So the project either needs a better idea or more donations.

    How to, is described in the threat below. The nice person will directly send to heaven!

    Thanks, Sebastian

  • Paypal

    As the date of the retransport of the bicycle plus gear comes closer and closer and the prices get worse and worse (currently at more than 1000 Euro) I installed the possibility to donate online via Paypal: