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    The whole www.globetreter.de website is about to be redone. It’ll be published under WordPress by now. Concerning this BLOG: some posts have been translated, some not. All the new ones will be in English as well!

  • Delay

    Unfortunately my container ship left Hamburg already six days delayed. To make it worse, the Charterer has cancelled my port of destination, Salvador, which would have been the first port in South America. That means a pretty bad start for the tour: the three Germans will only fly to Sao Paulo, not Salvador and loose parts of their tickets. Diego and Raquel had to cancel their Sao Paulo Salvador Ticket and the worst: due to the fact, that Santos (the port of Sao Paulo) will be the last in the list, I will have a further delay of 9 days. We miss our start event in Salvador (cycling together with 32 tandem bikes in the Bahia Tandem Tour). Very very bad…

  • On the road

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    Vamonos project picture

  • Map
  • Vamonos project picture

    Vamonos project picture

  • Vamonos project picture

    Vamonos project picture

  • Vamonos project picture

    Vamonos project picture

  • Back to square one: laptop stolen

    Unfortunately my netbook was stolen yesterday when we put our stuff out of the bus that took us to Potosi. This means days of work to change hundrets of passwords, find and buy a new netbook, set up its system and so on.
    The next web-update was nearly to be published – now it will take some more time…

  • Vamonos project picture

    Vamonos project picture

  • Weser-Report 14. März 2010, Seite 3

  • Finishing Bolivia

    Long time no see – writing the captions in five languages simply is really bloody and time consuming job. That´s why the world had to wait almost two months (-;

    Vamonos project picture

  • On the road again

    After a longer time out (in Peru) we´re on the road again: with a complete new team, consisting of the Ecuadorian sign language interpreter Jacqueline Velez Lajones and the deaf “Esmeraldeño” Victor Ramirez Lamilla. The next two weeks we will make the along the coast to Guayaquil.

    Vamonos en Señas Team 2010 - Ecuador

  • El Telegrafo (Diario nacional Ecuador) 03/11/2010


    El Telegrafo (Diario national Ecuador) 03/11/2010

  • Diario “El Mercurio” (Cuenca, 22. Feb. 2010) Diario "El Mercurio" (Cuenca, 22. Feb. 2010)
  • Partizipation of deaf Ecuadorians unsufficient

    If you translate the below article of “El Telegrafo” you would think, everything is going well. In fact the mentioned deaf people who fortify in their own word how important our work is and what everything can be achieved were not showing up the day we wanted to leave. That’s why the Vamonos en Señas project died yesterday.

    Successful spontaneous course in the street with the deaf Victor (right) and the translator Jacqueline (left)

    Successful spontaneous course in the street with the deaf Victor (right) and the translator Jacqueline (left)

    Jacqueline who never lost her motivation to move something in Ecuador and me decided to leave the city of Guayaquil on one single bike not looking anymore for deaf volunteers because the big majority simply isn’t able to abstract and understand why it is important to make a personal effort in order to change the circumstances for themselves in Ecuador. The situation here is way worse than in Bolivia where the average income is less that the compared to Ecuador. It is worse in view availability of schools for the deaf, translators, their education and certification and especially in view on the acceptance in the society. In the few days we went with the deaf Victor from Esmeralda heading south I’ve personally seen and heard insults like “Psychopaths”, “With crazy people I don’t talk” or simply people laughing at him signing with Jacqueline.

    Meeting with deaf and their relatives in a public office

    Meeting with deaf and their relatives in a public office

    The same day we arrived in Guayaquil we took part in the meeting of the city’s deaf association. We found two interested women who meeting them the next morning in order to discuss details of our trip told that they would have a cent for their own food, that I had to sponsor this, too. Difficult attitude I thought but due to the fact, that already so much money and time was invested to realize the project in Ecuador, and my return to Germany was timed after this month in Ecuador I accepted their conditions. The next day we were at the agreed time at the agreed place but none of the two showed up, only one sent a message back, that she wouldn’t come anymore, the other one didn’t even answer our sms asking whether or not they will come. This was the woman who is quoted in the article. Sad sad sad.

  • Helping

    If you want to help the  Ecuador and Costa-Rica-based NGO  “El Cielo para los Niños” you can send used glasses, hearing devices, and theoretically anthing else that can easily be sent to Costa Rica by post services. I got to know this NGO very well, staying ten days with them – they helped me a lot sending my stuff back home.  Their office also need urgent hardware help: up to three PC towers could be needed. Just contact me for further details.

    El Cielo para los Niños en Costa Rica

    Apartado Postal 872-7050


    Costa Rica

    For the customs paper tell: “Used medical articles as donation” and nothing should happen.

  • Cool TV-Feature from Ecuador

  • Old but gold: TV feature Bremen from July 2009

    I had to come home first to see the dvd that the channel sent in the meanwhile

  • Box with bikes and gear on its way

    More than 1000 US Dollar I had to pay to send this wooden box with the 3 tandem bikes back home. Not only this incredible sum of money but also about ten really sucking days organising all the stamps and stuff – and everybody wanted his or her 5 Dollars: the police in order to reconfirm that my visa were alright, the notary, that it was me that firmed the packing list etc. etc. A nightmare in Guayaquil.

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