The main idea of the BlindCycle Tour is to give blind people the chance to participate in a large tandem-bike tour from Frankfurt/Germany to Singapore. Sebastian Burger and Susanne Kammer both German will be the two pilots riding two tandem bikes. The back seat of one tandem-bike shall be given to several blind persons, if possible living in the particular countries the BlindCycle Team passes through. In case of language problems a fourth translating person can be carried,too. Or up to two western blind people speaking one of our languages join.

This Tour can be seen as a sportive event as well as a communication project that helps to integrate handicapped persons. Plus the fact that this kind of bicycle adventures usually provide lots of new experiences, interesting perceptions and above all:

The feeling of FREEDOM.

With experience of another, comparable tandem-bike project, the“Come Join Me Tour”, which Burger did, can be said: it IS a social risk to cycle and spend time with totally unknown people, but it can be very valuable.

More information in word and text here.