Christoffel Blindenmission Thanks to Christian Blind Mission for their help in koordinating the PR stuff and putting me in touch with their projects in some countries on my way
Firma Buff Thanks to Buff for again printing me an exlusive Buff-textile and helping to finance the whole BlindCycle Tour
With the buff textile you can fold a lot of tricks such as neckerchief or pirates cap.
Firma VauDe Thanks to Vaude for sponsoring all the bike and outdoor stuff: tent, sleeping bags, textiles, etc.
Firma Magura Magura the third German company sponsoring is giving money to finance and their fantastic hydraulic brake support: HS 33 rim brake and Luise disc brake
Hase Spezialräder Special Thanks to Hase Bikes who told me not a month before leaving that they would give the second tandem bike. Now we are going with an ordinary tandem bike and their mixture between recumbend in the front and ordinary steering position in the back. “Pino” it¥s called.
Hase makes a lot of special bike such as for contergan affected people or people with balance problems
Pro Trip Versicherungen Pro Trip is providing the insurance for us pilotes and the changing yet partly unkown blind people. Thanks for that!
Rotarier Bensheim-Heppenheim Rotary division Bensheim-Heppenheim is helping financing the trip, too. Thanks for it!
Firma Frio Frio is giving special support to our two insulin dependant blind riders
NSB Frachtschiff-Touristik Nsb Freightship Tourism is making it possible for me to get with a Hanjin container ship direct from Singapore to Hamburg via Suez channel which is kind of a dream of mine! Fantastic!
Firma Schwalbe Again part of the travel: Schwalbe. Also a German firm that is giving their best to let us arrive. in this case their legendary Schwalbe Marathon XR tires. Foldable and with punture protection
Firma Olympus All pictures you see at Pictures are from Olympus. Shot with their digital camera C-750 UltraZoom
The photographic project Blind Eye uses two old but gold manual XA cameras (with film). The blind people can adjust its focus by a linear shaft.
Rubee Airfreight Ltd Rubee Airfreight has sponsored the BlindCycle Tour with a very necesarry service of airfreight: all my overweight from Kolkata where the company is based to Bangkok
Thank you very much Mr. Biswal! – Tel: +91 (0)33 2212 6890, Fax: +91 (0)33 2212 6996, e-mail:
Firma Dynosys The firm Dynosys is providing with theor lightspin dynamo a totally redesigned Dynamo. From outside you wont see that its output is very constant and precise. If you rotate the wheel you start to feel the difference..
Wolf Steohr and Andreas Hessberg (Uni Bayreuth) developed together with Dynosys kind of a plug in for the dynamo itself plus a holder for me LiIon akkumulator of my Camcorder so that I can charge not only AA Akkumulators but even LiIon Blocks. This is a great help to stay autarkious. The charging module which is another body superwises the charging, so that I have every feature a really good stationary charger has, too. No Akku can be destroyed.