Sept. 2009

Sept. 2009

Our plan regarding time and route  in Brasil has been severly damaged by the fact that my containership arrived 14 days later than supposed.

Which is bad, because we missed our first fabolous action, the Bahia Tandem Tour. Probably we won’t be able to make our way to Salvador at all.  On the map you can see the way we have to go by BUS/TRUCK in order to make good the lost time.

In La Paz two of us change: Ellen and Tobi fly home and Massi and Claudia will come in. So we are in Phase II. Making several journeys in Bolivia. Parts probably only the four of us, other parts with all the six seats filled.

Mid of December when Phase II originally was supposed to end I plan to be still in Bolivia: Claudia leaves, Jule and Massi will stay until we have reached Quito/Ecuador by January 2010.  The way through Peru will most probably be mostly by BUS and TRUCKS for the absence of projects for the deaf.

In Ecuador we will visit Guyacil, Esmeraldas and Quito. How I still don’t know.

How to come back: neither. The original plan was to go with Juliane to Iquitos/Peru and ship the Amazon river to Belem. Let’s see what we will finally do with the bikes and where we will go.